About Center for Information and Bubblestudies (CIBS)

CIBS investigates bubble phenomena as information control problems.

The Center for Information and Bubble Studies is an interdisciplinary center of excellence studying bubble phenomena as they relate to attention economics, social media, social influence, fake news, misinformation and post-factual democracy. The scientific staff is made of scholars from the humanities, social science, social psychology, media studies, logic, behavioral science, computer science and mathematics. The center has a prolific scientific profile, a significant public outreach and a strong commitment to scientific social responsibility as the World Economic Forum - together with similar sentiments expressed by the UN and OECD - recently declared misinformation a challenge on par with climate change, migration and other global challenges.

The interdisciplinary research at CIBS

The interdisciplinary research at CIBS as illustrated above

The Center for Information and Bubble Studies (CIBS) was founded in 2015 by a generous grant from the Carlsberg Foundation. CIBS is based at the Department of Communication at The Faculty of Humanities of the University of Copenhagen. CIBS is also host and proprietor of the digital education program D.U.D.E. sponsored by TrygFonden, an educational program in digital literacy for upper secondary school and high school.

The center was founded, and is led by professor Vincent F. Hendricks with a faculty of some 15 members between senior faculty, post docs, phds, master students and administrative staff.








































Watch this video for an introduction to bubble studies in 15 minutes:

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Professor Vincent F. Hendricks,
Department of Media, Cognition and Communication
University of Copenhagen
Mobil: 40 16 80 63
Mail: vincent@hum.ku.dk

Professor Flemming Besenbacher,
Head of the Carlsbergfoundation
Mobil: 23 38 22 04
E-mail: f.besenbacher@carlsbergfoundation.dk