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SMART Lecture by Prof. Vincent F. Hendricks

SMART Lecture by Vincent F. Hendricks

Setting the Record Straight on Post-Factual Democracy

Date:3 March 2017
Time: 16:00 - 17:30

Place: University of Amsterdam

The March SMART Lecture will be presented by Vincent F. Hendricks (University of Copenhagen), with an introduction by Sonja Smets.

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Setting the Record Straight on Post-Factual Democracy​

Not a day goes by without a new diagnosis related to the post-factual society features in national and international media. Stories on Brexit, Trump, EU, crooked politicians, attacks on experts and researchers, and straight out neglect of evidence, make their ways to the headlines. Democracy is indeed challenged when it comes to the question of how to adequately handle facts. The thin red line between truthfulness and raw ideology seems increasingly unstable.

It’s time to set the record straight, clean up the terminology and clear up some misunderstandings. It’s too easy to derail the debate on post-factual democracy either because the diagnosis of the post-factual is seen as partisan politics or as a misconception of some particular historical period: “Once upon a time, politicians, journalists and researchers spoke nothing but the truth and citizens listened”. That’s not the way of the world, probably never was. Here is how it is.