The Swiss Acadamies of Arts and Sciences

Professor Vincent F. Hendricks was invited by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Science to give a talk at Haus der Akademien on 'REALITY LOST' on December 19, 2018:

Markets of Attention, Misinformation and Manipulation

The media is being flooded by populist narratives, fake news, conspiracy theories
and make-believe. Misinformation is turning into a challenge for all of us, whether
politicians, journalists, or citizens. In the age of information, attention is a prime
asset and may be converted into money, power, and influence – sometimes at the
cost of facts. The point is to obtain exposure on the air and in print media, and to
generate traffic on social media platforms. With information in abundance and
attention scarce, the competition is ever fiercer with truth all too often becoming the
first victim.