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Hanna van Lee


Formal knowledge representation, dynamic epistemic logic, belief revision, social epistemology, social networks, informational bubbles.


Using the machinery of dynamic epistemic logic, epistemic game theory and other relevant formal tools Hanna's PhD-project aims at uncovering the formal structure and dynamics of bubble phenomena. In specific, the thesis aims to model essential aspects of the epistemic and/or doxastic structure of investor information about investors and markets pace while at the same time tying epistemological concepts togehter, clarifying their information-driving role in the formation of bubbles.

- MSc Logic at ILLC, University of Amsterdam - Philosophy Track, Thesis The Reliability of Scientific Communities (09/2013 - 09/2015)

- BA Liberal Arts and Science at Utrecht University - Philosophy Track, Thesis Relevance of the Yablo Paradox (09/2010 - 06/2013)