Judith Simon


Socio-technical epistemology, philosophy of science and technology, philosophy of computing, science and technology studies, technology assessment, computer ethics 


Judith Simon is associate professor for philosophy of science and technology at the IT University Copenhagen as well as principal investigator of the project “Epistemic Trust in Socio-Technical Epistemic Systems” (FWF-P23770) at the University of Vienna. Before joining ITU, she held research positions at the Research Center Jülich, the University of Vienna, the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris as well as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Moreover, she was a visiting scholar at Stanford University, the University of Trento as well as the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (CSIC-IIIA) in Barcelona. Judith holds a PhD in philosophy and a MA in psychology and serves on the executive editorial boards of two journals, a book series as well as the executive board of the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology. Judith Simon has received the Herbert A. Simon Award of the International Association of Computing and Philosophy (IACAP) for outstanding research in philosophy & computing and gave a TEDx-Talk on the relationship between knowledge, power and surveillance practices. 

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