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Torben Bechmann Jensen


Socialpsychology, marginalisation, youth, prostitution, transitions from education to labourmarket, counselling, loneliness, smoking, HIV/Aids and health.


Besides research within the subjects mentioned in Keywords both on a National and European level: (Yoyo- Participation and Transition of Youth - from education to labourmarket 2001-2004), Disyouth – Disadvantaged Youth in Europe 2005,  “Up2Youth – Youth as actor of social change” (2006-2009), Torben have been coordinating teaching in the department of Psychology on Qualitative Research Methodology, Community Psychology and Social Psychology. For the past 8-10 years Torben have acted as evaluator in the Danish Corps of Censorship within Psychology and HealthEducations as well as in the annual Marie Curie (Now Marie Sklodowska Curie) calls from EU.

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