30 November 2015

Welcome to new CIBS PhD fellow Hanna van Lee

November 1st 2015 Hanna van Lee started her PhD project at Center for Information and Bubble Studies:

"Formal logical modeling of the dynamics of bubble phenomena".

In her PhD she will use logical models to uncover the formal structure and dynamics of bubble phenomena in a broader range of social networks, such as in economics, politics or science. She will specify how different network configurations affect the adapting behavior of epistemic agents in these networks. Along with these conclusions she aims to offer recommendations for avoiding unwanted informational bubbles.

Hanna is born in the Netherlands, where she got a Bachelor degree in Liberal Arts and Science with a major in Philosophy at Utrecht University in 2013. In 2015 Hanna got her Master of Science degree in Logic at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam in 2015. Her master thesis is titled The Reliability of Scientific Communities and focuses on the formalization of adoptive belief revision of scientists by the exchange of knowledge and belief in their network.