17 April 2019

Vincent Hendricks gives lecture at Universität Hamburg

Professor Vincent F. Hendricks gave a talk at the University of Hamburg on April 10th titled 'Attention Economics and Rage Against the  Machine'

About the lecture
Prfoessor Hendricks reported on the current state of the information age – or should we say the information market – a market for both prime as well as defective information products; from individual verified facts in accordance with best practice to wisdom of crowds, from singular lies to collective “bs” and fake news.

World Economic Forum recently declared misinformation and digital wildfires some of the great challenges of our time:
“The global risk of massive digital misinformation sits at the centre of a constellation of technological and geopolitical risks ranging from terrorism to cyber attacks and the failure of global governance.”

How did we get to to this point riding on the back of the Enlightenment in which more information – or rather knowledge – was envisioned as a boon rather than a bane? Is it there rage of the tech-giants, bots and machines?

The lecture along with slides is available in its entirety here