15 December 2015

Vincent F. Hendricks will give a talk at CUNY, City University of New York

The talk is held at the CUNY Logic Workshop, Tuesday December, 15, 2015, 4-6 pm

Titel: Online Bubbles

Abstract: It’s an investment billions of us make every day – not a financial one, but an investment of time and effort into expressing our opinions on things we are sympathetic to, and those we detest. We pay respect, and expect a return – in terms of “likes” on a recently posted selfie. We are investors in social media, trading likes for likes all the time, and without much market research. Of course social media is awash with what the finance world would call liquidity – there is no shortage of likes, upvotes, posts and retweets. But too much liquidity can poison a financial market, leading prices to far inflate beyond their fundamental value – what we call a bubble. And perhaps it can also poison a market in which we invest opinions and expressions rather than money ... resulting in opinion bubbles, political bubbles, bullying bubbles, status bubbles, fashion bubbles, anger bubbles, shitstorms etc. What the brass tacks of these bubbles are, their structure and dynamics is in a nutshell the business of bubble studies.