24 February 2020

Welcome to Gaia Belardinelli


Gaia is a PhD-fellow at CIBS, since January 2020. She will develop a project on Attention Economics and Informational Social Influence dynamics, where she will focus on uncovering the structure underlying these phenomena, mainly adopting the logic formalism.

Previous to joining the CIBS crew, Gaia specialized in the application of formal tools to the analysis of social phenomena and philosophical problems. Accordingly, she studied Logic (M.A.) at the Institute for Logic Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam, Philosophy and Economics (M.A.) at the Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics, and Philosophy (B.A.) at the University of Padova.

In her Logic master thesis, she provides a formal model of gatekeepers in social networks. Using Graph Theory and notions from Coalition Logic, she captures the correspondence between the structural properties of gatekeepers in networks and their power to control the information flow. In her Phil & Eco master thesis, she delves in formal ethics and analyses the interaction between comparative and non-comparative requirements of justice. In particular, she focuses on whether the satisfaction of the former can be induced by a non-comparatively defined desert-adjusted axiology.

Gaia’s interests lie mainly at the intersection between logic, formal modeling of social phenomena, and related methodological topics. Broadly speaking, she also enjoys learning about the philosophy of set theory, arguments for the existence of god, anarchic inquiries into political issues. She is committed to the discussion and creation of policies for increasing the inclusion of minorities in academia.