5 December 2019

Welcome to our new Ph.D.-student Laura Jahn

We are happy to welcome Laura to the CIBS crew!

Laura Ph.D. project investigates Attention Economics and Informational Social Influence under the supervision of Vincent Hendricks. They will explore the interplay between both attention allocation and informational social influence, motivated by social media usage and the public political sphere. Means to do so comprise agent-based modeling, formal models, empirics of social media data, and normative examinations of our findings with regard to democratic repercussions.

Laura has an interdisciplinary background in economics and analytical philosophy, mainly pertaining to microeconomics and econometrics as well as the philosophy of the social sciences and political philosophy.

She obtained an M.A. in Philosophy & Economics from the University of Bayreuth, Germany, and a B.Sc. in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim, Germany. During her studies, she spent semesters abroad in Bath, UK, and Taipei, Taiwan.

Her master thesis investigated informational dynamics, such as the emergence of opinion bubbles, preceding political revolutions. The thesis formally approached the topic of endogenous regime change in terms of rational choice theory and computational modeling. Eventually, it presented both an agent-based model on the effects of bubbles and how they impact overall long-term belief and a philosophical and conceptual embedding of the model’s normative implications.