Here is a package for a 101 Course on Bullying Bubbles

  1. Read “Rude comments online are a reality we can’t get away from”, Vincent F. Hendricks, The Conversation, 01.12.2014
  2. Read “If you really want to help a troubled teen, don’t like their YouTube video” Vincent F. Hendricks, The Conversation, 13.02.2014
  3. Watch the video on Cyber bullying with Vincent F. Hendricks. (below)
  4. Watch the video from Science and Cocktails: Humans! Collectively rational or socially stupid with Vincent F. Hendricks and Thomas Bolander. (below)
  5. Watch the video from the People's Meeting 2016 with Ellen Trane Nørby, Vincent F. Hendricks and Benjamin Rud Elberth (Below - in Danish)

Following bullet items 1-5 gives a pretty idea of what we’re doing at The Center for Information and Bubble Studies @ The University of Copenhagen

Additional reading:

Read Infostorms, Why do we “like?” Explaining individual behavior on the social net, 2nd Revised and Extended Edition, Vincent F. Hendricks and Pelle G. Hansen, Springer Nature, Spring 2016 (English)

Read Spræng Boblen - Sådan bevarer du fornuften i en ufornuftig verden, Vincent F. Hendricks Gyldendal, spring 2016 (Danish)

- the Bibles of Center for Information and Bubble Studies